Happy Hounds understands how important a sense stimulating walk is for your best friend. The opportunity to explore different locations with company will enrich your dog’s life- happy hound, happy life! Allowing your dog to run, walk, sniff and enjoy interaction with other happy hounds will ensure they return home relaxed and satisfied. After all, fresh air and fun is an essential part of life.

We are not always able to be with our dogs and that’s where Happy Hounds can help. We care for your dog as if it were our own, making sure they get lots of cuddles and affection and the all important walk.

We have lots of beautiful countryside walks on our doorstep to enjoy and explore and we aim to vary the location regularly. Dogs will be allowed to run free off lead (once you have given consent). However if you would prefer your dog to be kept on lead they will still have a great time.


Happy Hounds @ Winchcombe has been set up by Jane Parry. Having lived near Winchcombe for almost three decades Jane has discovered the natural beauty of the countryside while walking her own working cocker spaniels, Rudy & Rio.

Jane has always been surrounded by dogs. As a child she grew up with German Shepherds, followed by Belgian Shepherds and miniature Daschunds. She loves nothing more than spending time with them, learning from them and enjoys observing how different breeds behave.

Realising that being out walking her own and friend’s dogs was where she was happiest. Jane decided to turn the dream into a reality and founded Happy Hounds @ Winchcombe. Fully insured and with a clear DBS you can rest assured your dog is safe and being well looked after at all times.


Happy Hounds offers various services. These are described below and our prices can be found under the ‘Fees’ tab.

Before we are able to book any services we need to meet you and your dog or dogs. This gives us the opportunity to chat through important details such as your dog’s likes and dislikes, their recall status, how they interact with other dogs and if you are happy for them to be walked off lead. A short form is to be completed.

This visit will be free of charge and at a mutually convenient time.

We offer morning or afternoon walks, our preference being for your dog to be able to run free in a safe environment and enjoy their walk in the company of like-minded happy hounds. Walks will be for an hour. Your dog will be collected and dropped off in a safe crated vehicle with water available at all times. Dogs will be dogs and can get mucky at times. We carry a cleaning device on our vehicle and aim where possible to return your dog to you in a presentable although not spotless condition.

Solo walks can be arranged if you require. Not all dogs enjoy a group walk and indeed some are happiest in the company of their canine friend from the same household.



Weekday Group Walks - up to four dogs
£13 (1 hour)
Weekday Individual Walk
£12 (30 minutes)
£17 (45 minutes)
Offer - 2 x dogs from same household
£17 (30 minute walk)
£21 (45 minute walk)


Puppy Play Dates - (Maximum five puppies)
To include pick up and drop off and up to 90 minutes play time in our secure field.
£16.50 (2 hours total)

Basic dog training and support
Price on application. Packages tailored to suit your individual needs.

Home Visit
Available for puppies and dogs
£11 (30 minutes)


Jane has helped me with my dogs for many years with advice on training and with walking and generally caring for my dogs whilst I have been away on holiday. Like most people I adore my dogs and it takes a lot for me to trust someone else with my fur babies but I trust Jane 100%. She has a real passion for dogs and their welfare and training. Her own two dogs are a testament to this.
Jane helped me with my dogs Lulu and Muffin and now that they are no longer with us with Bertie and the latest edition to the family, Boris. She has taken me and them on training walks to help me with recall and to understand what messages I am giving to my dogs. She has introduced me to using a whistle which is proving invaluable. She has also come to my house to introduce me to training exercises I can do with my dogs and she checks in with me as to how we are doing. She is one of the few people I would trust with my dogs and I highly recommend her.
Sue Cook
Jane is the perfect person to take care of your dogs, she absolutely adores dogs and it’s clear to see why she is the person to trust.
She has been training and walking our 10 month old sprocker puppy ever since his first walk, he’s come on leaps and bounds, you can clearly see he respects her and he’s become the perfect furry companion all thanks to her hard work.
Ben Wilkinson
Having know Jane since my early teens I am so excited she has finally taken the plunge and set up her own dog walking business. Dogs are her passion. I am incredibly lucky and share her love of dogs. So, we spend many hours every week walking together. I can honestly say that what Jane does not know about dogs is not worth knowing!! I have three dogs which absolutely adore her. Jane is currently helping me with the training of my sprocker, as anyone who is lucky enough to own one knows how energetic and full on, they are.
So, for anyone who is thinking of maybe booking Jane to looking after their most precious pooch, be it walking, training, nutrition info or just coming into your home to spend time, feed, pick up/drop off your dog. You can be safe in the knowledge that she will look after them and love them as if they were her own.
So please give Jane a call. I can guarantee one incredibly happy dog after he/she has spent time with her. All the fabulous walks she would take them on. Which in turn will give you the peace of mind knowing that while you are away from them, they are happy.
Jude Cook